Unlock More Customer Data to Create That Elusive But Powerful VIP List

Troy Johnston

Do you know who your customers are? If you sell on Amazon the answer may be a swift NO. But to reliably build a VIP list (ya know to rank and review your products easily) having more customer data is key.

In this nugget, Troy shares how we lead with value to capture immensely powerful customer data to build that ever-elusive VIP list. This is exactly how brands generating 7&8 figures in profit ‘go back to the well’ by building a list of hungry, qualified buyers. But knowing who they are and getting that powerful customer data is that crucial first step.




Troy Johnston is the Co-founder of Seller.Tools, an all-in-one suite of optimization tools for Amazon sellers that automate the most important activities like ranking and reviews. He sold one of his flagship brands for multiple 7 figures and quickly moved to consulting for 8 & 9 figure clients on Amazon. Troy is obsessed with creating data-driven solutions for Seller.Tools clients by empowering sellers with the best data alongside exclusive features. You can find Troy and an amazing community of FBA sellers through the Facebook community FBA Kings.


Website: https://seller.tools/


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