Tools and Tips to Scale Your Amazon Operation

Mike Zagare

Struggling to remove yourself from your Amazon operation? Constantly working on urgent tasks, rather than important ones? In this nugget, you will learn how to take all of your Amazon business genii and commit it to a scalable and saleable business.

We will cover defining your process, planning your launch strategy (including a detailed working template), how to approach financial planning, and what you need to do to get ready for scale/sale.




Escala Consulting & MultiplyMii Staffing takes a holistic approach to scaling all things digital. Built on the idea that only the right people building the right process will see business success, MultiplyMii identify the best talent in the Philippines and overlays our human resource function to all but guarantee success in new hire selection, orientation, and ongoing performance management.


Escala Consulting is a low cost, boutique process improvement, and digital transformation consultancy. We leverage ex EY, Accenture, and tire one Filipino consultants to build out our own maturity framework methodology and process improvement techniques for the eCommerce & Amazon space. We pride ourselves on being the first consultancy at scale to support the SME digital market with solutions that see rapid improvement and calculated growth.


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