? This photo SHOOK ME TO MY CORE. The article is about service dogs who instead of being euthanized, are trained to sniff out hard to find electronic storage devices.

Notice the drawings on the wall in this photo. This is real and unimaginable to think what these kids are going through.
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A bit more about the service dogs..


O.U.R. empowers and supports law enforcement across the United States with the tools, technology and training they need to more effectively combat child sex trafficking in their jurisdictions. One way we do this is to facilitate the national deployment of Electronic Storage Device (ESD) detection canines – dogs that sniff out evidence to prosecute child predators.

This program entails O.U.R. partnering with a premier K9 trainer who saves Labrador Retrievers who would otherwise be euthanized. These special pups are then trained to recognize the unique chemical scent of electronic storage devices, such as thumb drives, hard drives, SIM cards, etc.

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