This ONE SIMPLE Trick Helped Me Never Run Out of Stock Again!

Mina Elias

In this nugget, I exactly how I keep track of my inventory and know exactly when and how much to order. Yes, I could totally use some fancy software, but how well can you trust software if you do not understand exactly how inventory planning works?


In this video, I will explain exactly how you can manage and track your inventory – and how to recreate this spreadsheet in a way that even a $3/hr VA can fill it out, and update you daily on your inventory when you need to order, and how much.





Mina “The Egyptian Prescription” Elias is a multiple seven-figure seller in the supplement industry, investor, Amazon PPC expert, and founder of the PPC university. Mina excels at developing cutting edge supplements for different target audiences and combines his passion for supplements, his background in chemical engineering and chemistry, and his expertise in PPC to crush the competition on Amazon. His goal is to disrupt the supplement industry and make a significant positive impact by cleaning up the market and giving consumers the supplements they deserve.








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