The Little Known Secret to Building Your Dream Team

Nate Ginsburg

Everyone knows the key to long term business success is building your Dream Team. But what most people don’t understand is the right way to hire them. Most people simply share a bland job description and ask for resumes. Then, they spend HOURS reviewing and interviewing candidates. Most of their time is wasted on people they don’t end up hiring. The solution to this is to build your Hiring Funnel.


The goal of the hiring funnel is to create an automated process that can efficiently and effectively move candidates through in a systematic way. So that only the most qualified applicants come out the bottom for you to interview. The first part of the hiring funnel is adding 10 questions to the job posting. Then, follow up with another set of 5 questions. To dig deeper and to test a candidate’s communication and responsiveness. Next, give the qualified candidates a test project. Only after a candidate has completed the first three stages, and you know a lot of information about them, will you set up an interview. At this point, the interview is more to see if they are a culture fit vs asking about their skills and experience.


So there you have it! Implement this hiring funnel in your business and build your dream team today.




Nate Ginsburg exited his FBA business in 2017 and now helps FBA sellers scale and prepare for a successful exit with his business SellerPlex. For more about Nate check out his social media @nateginsburg and podcast Ecom Exits.




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