The Listing on Fire Maximizer Approach

Jonathan Tilley

– How to use data to beat your competitors’ listings, with Jon Tilley, CEO of Zonguru, and Stefan Ratchev, CTO, Lead Developer, and 7-Figure Amazon Seller.


In this nugget, Stefan Ratchev shows you how to maximize your listing for traffic and sales. Specifically, showing you how to uncover critical keywords for your product and then how to Optimize your listing by comparing it to your top competitors. This will give you an advantage by optimizing for keywords your competitors don’t have and giving yourself a chance to out-rank them.

Jon Tilley is the CEO of ZonGuru, an All-in-one Software toolset for Amazon Private Label Sellers. Starting as an Amazon Seller in 2015, he co-founded ZonGuru to help service the data-centric needs of Amazon Private Label Sellers.
Stefan Ratchev is the CTO and lead developer of ZonGuru. He is a 7-figure Amazon Seller who launched his first product back in 2014.



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