REMINDER: Tier 2 Prize Winners Announcement Event TODAY, 3:30 pm EST!

Mike Zagare

TODAY at 3:30 pm EST, our founder Mike Zagare and several of the Mega Event’s prize contributors will be awarding prizes to 10 winners during this special Prize Presentation Event (which will also include new insights from experts on how to improve your Amazon business).

Plus, we are so thrilled to have a special guest speaker, Bradley Sutton from Helium 10, join us today too! ?✨

Please RSVP to this afternoon’s event here →

** It is NOT TOO LATE for you to take a moment now and this opportunity to support an important cause to help Operation Underground Railroad end child slavery forever, learn more about tips & new strategies you can use to improve your Amazon business and become eligible to win tier-1 prizes (those prize winners will be announced next Wednesday, 1/22)! ✨

Thank you shoutout to our awesome sponsors, PPC EntourageGetida & Payability who made this event possible and our movement a total success! ?

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