Increase Your Conversions on Amazon Within 30 Minutes or Less From These Almost Unheard of Tactics

Mike Zagare

In this nugget, you get 2 for the price of one! 🙂 Tommy shows you how to increase your conversions on Amazon within 30 min or less.


The first nugget shows you how to increase conversions just by adding your product’s main keywords on top of your 2nd and 3rd picture slots on your product’s detail page. Simply adding some copy to your pictures with your main keywords can increase conversions by approximately 5%!


The second nugget shows you how to create a highly converting video that you can use inside of your sponsored ads campaigns without the need to pay an actor or video editor. Video ads are the best way to get sales at a low price. This will keep your ACOS down and your sales up!


Tommy Beringer has managed millions of dollars in ad spend, operates a successful private label brand on Amazon, and is also the product manager, Amazon expert and host of the “Sell Rank Win” podcast over at MerchantWords.






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