How to Ensure Your Product Launch Goes Well in 2021

Fernando Campos

Here are the 3 main steps that we use to ensure we nail our product launches.


Step 1. The most important thing is to differentiate your product. The time of the me-too products is pretty much over. If you have a crappy product, you’ve probably already lost the war before it’s begun.


Step 2. Heavy discount to start to gaining momentum, Wee use a lot of coupon codes to modulate the price where we want it to be without getting hit with price bands. We’re also thinking about the honeymoon period in 60-90 day intervals.


Step 3 – We use the typical search find buy techniques in conjunction with rebatekey, Manychat flows, and a mixture of different traffic sources especially from different social channels. You can use pixelfy links for that. Keep consistent sales velocity throughout the honeymoon period and we target anywhere from 3-5 keywords at a time. Make sure to spend a lot on PPC especially in the beginning to drive relevancy and increase your sessions.




Fernando Campos is the cofounder of MarketplaceOps. He is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur who helps leading brands accelerate their growth on Amazon and He has an aptitude for growth and in 6 years, he has been able to generate over 8-figures in revenue per year, grossing $80M in all-time sales. Fernando’s businesses have been ranked in the Inc. 5000 for 2019 & 2020 and Entrepreneur 360 awards for 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.




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