How to Create Authentic Content and Bring Brand Awareness to Influencers on Instagram

Mike Zagare

Authenticity and Social Proof are key factors that influence the conversion rate for your products. Discover how to get authentic photo and video content from Micro-Influencers on Instagram by simply giving away one free product to the right micro-influencer. Make sure you think about the long run and create a database of the micro-influencers that you can later reuse on your new product launches or for ranking purposes.




Marcel Marculescu is the CEO and Co-Founder of intelliRANK, a company specialized in Amazon product Launching and Ranking. Strategist, Digital Marketer and Amazon Seller, helped a lot of Amazon Sellers LAUNCH, RANK, and create BRAND-AWARENESS for their products. So far we’ve successfully Launched and Ranked around 400 products on different marketplaces (US, CA, UK, DE) by combining SFB with (what we like to call) SmartURLs and also sending Social Signals. By doing this we’re sending different types of Signals to Amazon and we’re making Amazon fall-in-love with your product while ranking in a healthy way.




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