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We are so grateful for one of our amazing Mega Event Highlight Sponsors, Payability Financing for Marketplace Sellers, who truly made last week’s 9-hour fundraising extravaganza a reality! ? To date, Payability has empowered eCommerce entrepreneurs with over $2 billion in funding (friction-free cash flow and working capital solutions), and has been the saving grace & driving force behind saving and scaling countless online businesses! ?? They have certainly risen to the charitable occasion this time around and in a very GENEROUS way – check out the details of their awesome HIGHLIGHT GIVEAWAY PRIZE below… ???

** Payability will give every new Instant Access customer referred by Days of Nuggets a $250 Sign-on Bonus and they will donate $250 to Operation Underground Railroad! **

We are (STILL) Giving Away Over $70,000 in Amazon Seller Prizes While Helping to STOP Child Slavery Forever! Don’t miss out on this WIN-WIN giveaway prize and participate TODAY before it’s too late ➡️ https://go.daysofnuggets.com/EVENT

? Get $250 Cash + $250 Donated on Your Behalf to O.U.R. + The Funding Your Ecommerce Business Needs! ?

Total Value = ?5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

What are you waiting for⁉️ Click here to help STOP CHILD SLAVERY today ? https://go.daysofnuggets.com/EVENT

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Watch the event replay and make your donation today and enter to win prizes at go.daysofnuggets.com/event

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