Seller Nug Submission Contest!

Share your best business tips and strategies to help end child slavery!

1st Place:
Win $500 Pickfu Credit

2nd Place:
Win $250 PickFu Credit

3rd Place:
Win $100 PickFu Credit

What is PickFu? PickFu polls matches you with U.S.-based audiences who share valuable feedback on your business ideas, product photos, marketing copy and more.

Don’t Be shy! Make your Nug stand out. Add music, filters, heck you can even dance if you want!

What is a golden Nugget and how can it help end child slavery?

A golden nugget is a short, no fluff, needle moving, game changing tip or strategy that can help sellers make massive shifts in their business. A key part to making a great golden nugget is to make sure the videos are short (5-10 minutes) action oriented, and packed with value! This helps to make the video content go viral, raising awareness and money for the cause. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and money for the noble organization, Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that exists to end child slavery.

How do I record an epic nugget?

Where will my nugget be released?

Your Nugget will be shared across the web! We will do our best to encourage sellers to share your nuggets with their networks.

Our team will be distributing each nugget on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and on the Days of Nuggets website.

How do I submit my nugget?

  • Please submit your video by December 14th.

  • Email video to

    Use the Email SUBJECT LINE: 12 Days of Nuggets Content Submission.
    If sending through Google Drive, make sure that your video share settings are set properly.

  • ✅ Include an enticing headline for your video nugget.

  • ✅ Include 1-2 short paragraphs that summarize your nugget. We will use this in the description section of the 12 Days of Nuggets website and on social media posts.

  • ✅ Include an enticing headline for your video nugget.

  • ✅ Include a short bio about who you are ( 2-4 sentences).