3 (Hidden) Ways to Save Time and Money on Amazon

Mike Zagare

When we talk about profitability, the main focus for many businesses is to find ways to generate more revenue, figure out how to increase sales, how to advertise more effectively, etc. While these are all really important points, an area that is often neglected and (honestly) much less sexy is on the payments side of eCommerce.


The vast majority of Amazon sellers have money coming and going in tons of different places. Whether you are receiving funds from selling on Amazon marketplaces overseas or you need to pay a supplier in China or pay your VAs in the Philippines, this list can get long. Because this area of eCommerce is often neglected, the various marketplaces and financial institutions sellers use are able to make a lot of money off the fees they are charging you, the seller. How they do this isn’t always obvious or transparent since these fees are hidden in the exchange rate. In this business where margins are relatively thin and fees are being taken out everywhere, saving X% can make a real difference!




Ryan Cramer has worked for various companies in the eCommerce/Amazon space for 6+ years, with a focus on partnerships, marketing, business development, and education. From international manufacturing/distributing/selling on multiple online marketplaces (Evergreen Enterprises), to SaaS (Viral Launch) and FinTech (PingPong Payments), his diverse background and expertise have allowed him to grow businesses of all kinds in the eCommerce world. He also is the host of the podcast, “Crossover Commerce” to bring a unique perspective to the online seller community.


Website: https://pingpong.go2cloud.org/SH1E


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