12 Days of Nuggets 2020 Kickoff Event LIVE!

Mike Zagare
Join us for a 2-Hour #12DaysofNuggets 2020 Kickoff Livestream Event. Right after this kick-off, join the bonus networking session for Amazon sellers, where you will be able to meet industry experts: https://bit.ly/12nuggets
ORANGE KLIK is supporting this cause by distributing the streams of daily recaps to our Youtube channel. Videos start on December 7th with the Kick-Off webinar and continue for the next 12 days with short daily recaps at 7 pm EST, 12 am UK.
The initiator of this project is Mike Zagare from PPC Entourage. For more info read here: https://daysofnuggets.com
👉 During this live kick-off event, you will:
▸ Receive ‘Golden Nuggets’ of actionable content that can be used to improve your Amazon business immediately.
▸ Participate in the Trivia Contest. $250 for the winner.
▸ Be a part of a seller community that ‘pays it forward’ to benefit those that can’t help themselves.
▸ Have the opportunity to contribute to helping to end the suffering of young children trapped in unimaginable conditions in the US and in several foreign countries.
👉 Also, join this online networking event for Amazon sellers at 5 pm ET, 10 pm UK, 11 pm CET: https://bit.ly/12nuggets
The 12 Days of Nuggets is on a mission to raise awareness about human trafficking and contribute to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization fighting against it. By creating small and shareable bite-sized pieces of content, the 12 Days of Nuggets team believes we all can raise awareness of O.U.R through the sharing of that content and from the goodwill that content creates. We have contacted influencers in the Amazon space, as well as thought-leaders in the entrepreneurial landscape, and several have agreed to contribute their best actionable ‘nuggets’ designed to help Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs to improve and grow their businesses.
More info and donations: https://daysofnuggets.com

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